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Were you wrongfully left out of the will?

On Behalf of | Aug 1, 2022 | Probate Litigation |

You may be surprised to find out your name is not among the beneficiaries of a loved one’s will. However, you cannot confront them or ask if it was intentional or by mistake, given that they are not around.

In such a case, what are your options? Is there any way you can change things? Here is what you ought to do.

Get to the bottom of it

If you had cordial relations with your loved one and they had assured you a portion of the estate, it may be time to review everything. Get a copy of the will and verify all the details. Remember, only the person who created the will can add or remove beneficiaries.

There may be underhand tactics at play. It could be coercion, undue influence or outright fraud by third parties to deny you your rightful inheritance. If you suspect foul play, you need to take action, but first, do a cost-benefit analysis.

Is it worth it?

What are you after in the estate? Is it worth the trouble? There is a lot involved when contesting a will, financially and emotionally, not to mention the time and paperwork involved. You need to ensure that the costs do not outweigh the benefits.

Prepare for a will contest

Once you ascertain the above, it may be time to contest the will in probate court. Under Oklahoma laws, you have three months to do so after a will is admitted to probate. It is advisable to get the necessary help when contesting a will as the legal nuances can get complicated. You need someone with the know-how and experience regarding such matters by your side.