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High-Caliber Defense For The Most Serious Criminal Charges

The stakes are high if you are suspected of or charged with a felony crime. With the prospect of prison time and a criminal record, you need to fight the charges or mitigate the immediate and long-term consequences of a conviction.

Mitchell DeClerck, PLLC, provides strong and sophisticated representation for serious charges. No matter what the allegations, you can count us to fiercely protect your rights and mount a vigorous defense. Serving Enid and northwest Oklahoma, we extend a free consultation to find out how we can help.

Accused Of A Violent Crime Or Other Felony?

Our criminal defense lawyers are equipped to provide a defense against felony offenses such as:

  • Drug trafficking or possession with intent to distribute
  • Aggravated assault and battery
  • Armed robbery or carjacking
  • First-degree burglary (occupied residence)
  • Rape charges or sexual conduct with minors
  • Possessing or distributing child pornography
  • White collar crimes (fraud, forgery, money laundering, identity theft)
  • Murder or manslaughter
  • Felon in possession and other firearm offenses

Mounting A True Defense

A felony is any crime punishable by a year or more in a state prison or federal penitentiary. Many felonies are subject to enhanced penalties for prior convictions, possession of a weapon or child endangerment, increasing the potential sentence. Knowing what is at stake, we pursue every avenue to avoid the worst.

Our attorneys will work to get unwarranted charges dismissed or reduced. We will challenge evidence obtained in violation of the Fourth Amendment. We will explore opportunities to minimize the penalties or avoid a felony record. And we prepare from the beginning for the possibility of defending you at trial. In other words, you can depend on us to fight for your freedom and your future.

A Long History Of Quality Legal Work

Mitchell DeClerck, PLLC, is the oldest law firm in Oklahoma, established in 1893. We have lasted so long by adhering to the highest standards and advocating forcefully for our clients. We provide a free initial consultation for criminal matters. Call our Enid office at 580-498-1787 or use the email form to reach out.